Considering Expanded Choices for Military Families

Child Development Center Options


Tyndall Air Force Base


Rebuilding Tyndall Air Force Base after the significant damage caused by Hurricane Michael in 2018 presents the opportunity to develop a sustainable, resilient Installation of the Future. Opportunities to deliver services in new ways that provide additional benefits are being studied. This includes an exploration of innovative child care alternatives to meet the needs of military families stationed at Tyndall AFB. There will be a Child Development Center built on the base as part of the rebuild program. This website has been set up as part of communication with families to find out if there are additional, off-base child care options that are worth considering to fully meet the child care needs of the Tyndall service population. The site includes background information for families interested in participating in a live Town Hall event planned for July 8, 2020 and a form that can be used by families to provide input to the study.

Quality childcare for the children of military families to learn and play while their parents serve our country is always PRIORITY #1!

Virtual Town Hall

virtual town hall screenshot

The virtual town hall website has been set up as part of a study that is considering options to provide expanded child care options for military families. On the virtual town hall you will be able to see a Welcome video from Col. Beaulieu, visit several numbered stations with background information and information about options, and fill out a sensing form to provide input based on what is important to your family. On July 8th, you will also be able to participate on a live ‘town hall’ event. During the “town hall” event, you will learn more about the options under consideration, and will have the opportunity to pose questions and join a discussion to provide direct input.

Child Development Center Benefits

Pilot Project 1

More convenient + accessible locations

  • The rebuild of the base will include limited housing at Tyndall, approximately 600 military family houses
  • Many military families will need to live remote to the base, with significant commute times to access the on-base CDC
  • Your input can help us identify interest in an alternatively financed CDC that is more conveniently located to you and your family
Pilot Project 1

educational opportunities for enrolled children

  • Most traditional on-base CDCs primarily provide day-care functions
  • An alternatively financed CDC could provide enhanced learning programs, like those provided at some private daycare facilities
  • Early learning has many childhood benefits
Pilot Project 3

Maintain affordable child care services

  • This study’s financial analysis will explore the opportunity to provide basic childcare at prices consistent with the rates charged for traditional on-base CDCs
  • This study will evaluate pricing to provide supplemental services of interest such as:
  • Enhanced educational and recreational opportunities
  • Enhanced nutrition programs
  • Other desirable services identified by you
Pilot Project 4

Mission growth through business innovation

  • Traditional military financed CDCs are sized based upon military mission drivers which are still being defined for Tyndall
  • Alternatively financed CDCs could be more flexible to better respond to changing numbers of assigned personnel
  • This solution provides an innovate approach and can accommodate change through contract provisions with private providers
Pilot Project 4

Potential to benefit AF families around America

  • Air Force families around the world can have access to safe, affordable care for their children that is conveniently located
  • The rebuild of Tyndall AFB provides a unique opportunity to test new models for the delivery and finance of services
  • If a successful model for using alternatively financed off-base CDCs can be deployed at Tyndall, other bases can use this experience to revise their approach to providing child care
Pilot Project 4

Intact existing CDC

  • Design and construction is already underway for replacement CDC on-base at Tyndall as part of the base rebuild
  • The on-base CDC will be available as an option to all military families with members serving on the base
  • If developed, an alternatively financed off-base CDC would provide an additional option to military families